API Limits

API Rate Limiting

Graphite enforces rate limits for API requests to ensure fair usage and prevent abuse. The system utilizes two levels of rate limiting: global and tenant-specific.

Global Rate Limit

The system monitors overall API traffic to count the number of requests made within the last minute. If this count exceeds the configured global rate limit, further API requests are denied.

Tenant-Specific Rate Limit

Additionally, the system tracks API usage on a per-tenant basis. If the count of API requests made by the current tenant within the last minute surpasses the specified rate limit, further API requests are denied.


The rate limits are configured as followed:

  "tenant": 10/min,
  "global": 200/min

Note: Rate Limit Exceeded

When the API rate limit is reached, the system will deny further requests, and the API response should include the HTTP status code 429 (Too Many Requests). This status code indicates that the client has made too many requests within a specified time frame. It is essential for clients to handle this response code gracefully by adjusting their request frequency or implementing backoff strategies

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