Introduction : create your first model

Now that you have imported your CSV file, or connected to your database, you can create your model.

To create your model:

  1. Select a model type from our templates.

In this example, we are going with a Timeseries Model to predict our future sales!

  1. Select a source Dataset for this Model. Pay attention to the required columns which are different from model to model.

If you don't have a time-related column like dates in your Dataset, you cannot perform a time-series forecasting

  1. Define the name and description of the Model and put a tag on it if you like

  1. In the Model Scenario, identify all parameters and relevant columns from your dataset, it depends on the model that you chose (which column in your dataset contains dates, which one you want to predict, and so on...)

  2. Run the model and enjoy insights.

Don't forget to explore the Prediction, Trend, Seasonality, and Details Tab for additional insights.

And thatโ€™s it, your first Model is created and ready for exploration.

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