Re-upload a CSV

If you have you collected more data related to your uploaded CSV or there has been a change in the data you have uploaded you can use the re-uploading option.

To understand, if you have a new file with new data, you can re-upload to append it to the previous dataset. Just keep in mind that the file you select must have the same column structure as the previously uploaded file.

To re-upload a CSV file :

  1. Go to Datasets list

  1. Select the dataset you want to re-upload

  1. Select Re-upload

  1. Depending on your needs, you can select Append data

  1. Select or drop your CSV file

  1. Select Update

For example, it can be useful for monthly data. If every month you are getting new data in a CSV file and you need to merge the data for all the months into one CSV file. Instead of repeating the copy and paste commands, you can use the re-upload option on every month, which is easier and faster.

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