Connect to your database

If you are using SQL for your database, you can connect to it and write your own SQL.

To connect to your database:

  1. Go to Create New on Datasets, or New Dataset when you are in the datasets list

  1. Chose MySQL/MariaDB or PostgreSQL

  1. If you want, you can name the dataset, write down a short description of the data and add a tag

  1. Establish a connection

  • Enter your server hostname/IP address, database port, database user, database password, and database name

  • Select Check Connection

  • Ensure that your firewall accepts incoming requests from the following two IP addresses: and

  1. Write the desired SQL and click on the Run SQL button to get your data

You should see all the columns from the selected dataset appearing. If necessary, you can change column names, data types, or data formats

  1. Click on the Create button to create your dataset

It's much easier to get data from databases using SQL - you can adjust the dataset to your needs! By repeating the above steps, you can easily get your data and start running various models without writing down any line of code.

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